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What It Takes To Beat GM Jordan Van Foreest in Blitz Chess (42 World Ranking)

Updated: Aug 11, 2021


It is no secret that there is a new breed of chess players surging into the upper echelons of world chess all of whom carry a common trait... they are absolute monsters at blitz.

Dutch prodigy, Grandmaster Jordan Van Foreest, the recent winner of the Prague Challengers, is no exception. Last night I had the pleasure of playing him online after he placed an open seek for 3 minute chess. Although I am no stranger to playing and competing with some of the chess worlds best minds, it is always thrilling to pair with a top 100 player and nerves kick in.

Something to note about me however is that I seem to have a reasonable win rate against such opponents and tend to use the 'underdog label' to my advantage. I am constantly questioning my approach to chess and thus have decided to demonstrate how and why I believe I can often beat players as strong as Jordan. Here's a hint; it is less to do with accuracy and more to do with overall approach!

Enjoy the game and I hope you learn something that one day helps you beat a top 100 player.

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